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Vimeo Video School

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of how-to videos on the web. It’s one of the most popular types of videos and often they’re worth watching.

Vimeo – one of the top video hosting services – recently put together their collection of video tutorials that cover most everything you need to know to get started. Many of them will take you beyond the basics so you can produce better videos in general.

Check it out http://vimeo.com/videoschool


Panasonic GH2 vs Canon 60D

If you’re looking at to get into DSLR video you’ve come to the party at a great time. The Panasonic GH2 and Canon 60D are high quality still cameras that designed to shoot video better than anything else on the market. That’s right, I said better than anything else on the market.

Then one reader asked:

I was wondering if you could compare the Canon 60D and the Panasonic GH2. I would mainly be using the camera for video production. Am torn between them. Any insights or advice you could provide? Thanks!

So, here’s how this looks to me.

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As they say on this site, audio is 70% of what you see. Most of the focus of the DSLR video world is about the camera and lenses but – like DSLR camera manufacturers – most people give too little time to the audio side.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The fastest, lowest cost way to increase the production value of your project is to improve the sound track.

This program will help you do just that.

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I just came across this notice from Sony about their 35mm video line.

Most of the info on the page is about their high end equipment but down the page there are a couple of paragraphs and this picture of the PMW-F3 Super 35mm. There are links to more info but the links are broken.

There have been rumors of a big announcement from Sony in the near future and maybe this is it. Seems to be aimed at the projects with “tight budgets” and uses “industry standard workflows”. What that all means remains to be seen.


If so, Sony may be giving Panasonic a run for this market. Canon won’t be far behind.

Let me know what you think and I’ll keep you posted…



Panasonic AF100 Work-Flow

I just received a question from a reader about the Panasonic AG-AF100.

On the new Panasonic AG-AF100, what is the workflow like (how does it get into the edit system)?

The answer to this question depends on the answers to two more questions:

1) how was the video captured and 2) what edit system are we talking about?

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Another question from a reader:

I’m just deciding whether to get a Canon 7D, and have what may be a stupid question: if you use a Zoom recorder, does it get synched while you are shooting, or do you have to do that afterward? Thanks! Absolutely LOVE this site.

The short answer is that you sync it the audio from the Zoom with the video from your camera in post-production. But there’s more to it than that.

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I just watched the best explanation of how Canon DSLR’s monitor video on the LCD built into the cameras and on external monitors.

It’s from SmallHD – a monitor manufacturer – and you’ll finally understand why video monitoring works the way it does on Canon DSLR cameras.


There’s a written post that goes into even more detail below the video. Both are worth the time it takes.



A reader recently asked:

I am planning on getting the Canon Rebel T2i, but what lens should I get? Is the Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS lens that comes in the kit any good for video or is there a better lens for shooting video?

Here’s what I said:

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Trying to decide whether to buy the Canon 7D or the T2i/550D or the new 60D?

As they have the same sensor, any one of the three cameras will do a great job of shooting DSLR video. If you’re mainly shooting stills, the 7D offers enough advantages to make it the better choice of these three. But if you’re mostly shooting video it’s a different story.

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Do you want to be excellent at video production?

I’m sure you want to be good at it. But how good do you want to be? And what would it take to reach excellence?

I just read an article from the Harvard Business Review titled, “Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything” by Tony Schwartz. It changed how I look at what I’m doing and how I want to work in this business.

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