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Here’s the best overview and tutorial I’ve seen yet on Final Cut Pro X.

It’s over at Ken Stone’s blog and covers everything you need to know about this amazing update.

The big question is… do you need to get it right now?

If you’re editing projects regularly with the old Final Cut Pro you can’t import them into the new version. And you can’t export projects from FCP X to the previous version.

That means you’ll need to make a fresh start for projects that you’re sure can be completed in FCP X.

You also can’t do ’round trips’ between any of the apps bundled in the old version of Final Cut. If that’s part of your workflow this is not the time to make the switch.

But, if you’re just getting into DSLR video you’re going to love FCP X!

Bringing all kinds of footage into the editor is easy and simple. That’s the theme for everything here – easy and simple.

This tool will bring the power of high end video editing to millions of people. Just not the professionals who already use the suite of tools in the old Final Cut Pro.

Will I use it?

Yes, I’ll test it out on projects that make sense for this tool. And, from what I can tell, there are things here that may make it my first choice for future projects. Especially when some of the 3rd party vendors get their plugins ported to the new system.

Check out the overview and tutorial. The download a copy and let me know what you think.


Shootout of the Mini Shotguns!

If you’re shooting video with a DSLR, chances are you’re going to want a small shotgun mic in your kit. With all the choices on the market it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

Chad Johnson has solved this problem for you – Shootout of the Mini Shotguns! [continue reading…]


I’m very happy to release an update to the DSLR Video Buyer’s Guide!

It’s amazing how much has changed in the last six months in this industry.

  • Canon released the D60 and Panasonic upped the ante with the GH2.
  • Zoom’s H1 brought quality audio recording to the under $100 market
  • New tripods and other support equipment designed for DSLR video

You’ll find information about all of this and much more in the updated DSLR Video Buyer’s Guide.

I’m so grateful for all the comments on the Buyer’s Guide. The response is encouraging and overwhelmingly positive.

I have to say that I really am impressed with the overall style and flow of your writing, as well as the design and layout. J. Nerenberg

I bought your eBook a few days ago and am really enjoying it! G. Lane

Your Buyer’s Guide is fantastic! It’s probably saved me dozens of research hours and a considerable amount of money! M.Heckman

I’ve been working on updating the DSLR Video Buyer’s Guide for several weeks and now it’s ready. As promised, I’ve emailed everyone who purchased the original with a link to download the update for free.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.


First Place – Best of Me

Just came across this great music video from a new band called First Place. It was shot and edited by a Rosie Collins, a professional freelance photographer and video producer based in Soho.

I like the feel of the music and the positive message of the song. The more I found out about the band the more interested I got in the project. I connected with Rosie and got more info on the production.

[continue reading…]


Amazing Visual Story Telling

Here’s a video by Gustav Johannson, a Swedish director who uses extremely narrow DOF to create a story that pulls you in. I don’t know what camera or lens was used for this video but, as DSLR video shooters are all crazy for DOF and bokeh, this video should give you lots to love.

Watch it more than once. Watch in HD. Watch on the director’s web site in QuickTime.


Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


One question I get a lot is, “Which lens should I use to…”

I’m no expert but I am a life long student. So, in this post I’ll cover the basics and give you links to great tools for choosing the right lens. And, even though we’ll start with the basics, things can get interesting pretty quickly.

Here’s what I mean.

[continue reading…]


Rode VideoMic Pro for DSLR

Rode has a new shotgun microphone designed for DSLR cameras – the VideoMic Pro.

Rode VideoMic Pro from Team Digital on Vimeo.

It sounds great, is much smaller and you won’t have to keep a supply of rubber shockmounts on hand. (The original VideoMic uses small rubber shock mounts that get easily lost.)

Here are other key points about this great mic:
[continue reading…]


A reader asked:

I'm putting together a D7000 rig for video shooting and I was wondering what the best approach to audio equipment would be?
My budget is about $450 and I am going to travel to Indonesia to shoot a pilot for a TV travel show.  I was thinking a Zoom recorder (not sure which was is the best), but also a wireless lavalier system so I can be mobile.
I was hoping to record the video with the Zoom for ambient sound while having the lavalier for subject audio.

On first glance, $450 for a complete DSLR audio kit seems too low. I mean, you can easily spend that much on a single professional microphone.

Then I started working through what you'd really need. It turned out that you could put together an pretty decent audio kit for $450.

Here's what I found.

[continue reading…]


The guys over at CrumplePop.com just posted a great tutorial on how to create ultra slow motion video using a Canon 60D and Apple Motion.
Click here to read the full blog post.
Here’s how they did it.
[continue reading…]

Break Through 4

Most of us dream of a better life.

And most of us do not do all the things we know would lead to that better life.

Even when we’re doing well, there are often goals that can seem unreachable.

That’s why I’m excited to offer you this gift.

Becoming Unstoppable is chapter zero of “Need to Know”, a great book by Paul Myers about creating an online business. But this chapter is not just about online business, it’s about finding out what’s stopping you from having whatever your goals are for success in life. And it’s about changing that so you become unstoppable.

I’ve followed Paul for quite a while and always find his writing right to the point and full of useful information. Plus, he’s knows how to entertain while teaching valuable perspectives and skills.

You can download Becoming Unstoppable as a gift from Paul through me to you. No strings attached, just a desire to help you gain the life you want to live.

While reading it will no doubt help you become more unstoppable, the real value is in following Paul’s process.

I spent a few minutes yesterday using Paul’s process on my most significant goal for 2011. I found several significant points regarding my goal that I hadn’t seen before. It was clear that those points would sabotage my efforts. I kept moving through Paul’s process and felt something move. I became more unstoppable.

But what’s really interesting is how the process kept working in the back of my mind.

Today I suddenly realized another area where I was stopping myself from reaching my full potential. And that realization brought with it another key to reaching my goals. Cool!

I’m not sure what your goals are for 2011. If you’re an aspiring film maker hoping to mount a production, a professional photographer wanting to move into video, or a video professional looking to expand your technology into DSLR you’re sure to have projects that would make a big difference in your life. If you could just get them done…

Download Becoming Unstoppable. In less than one hour you can read it and work through the process. I’m betting it will prove to be one of the best investments in your future that you’ll make.

Thank you for your support this year, it’s been great. All the best to you and yours in the new year!

NOTE: the links in Becoming Unstoppable are affiliate links and I will benefit from any purchases you make resulting from clicking on those links.

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