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Adobe Premier vs FCPX – now is the time

Someone just asked…

What do you think about the decision from Apple to stop upgrading Color and the new relase of FCPX.
I’ve been working the past two years on FCP7 and just recently I started learning how to use Apple Color and the Technicolor cinestyle display LUT, but I’m worried that this program could become obsolete along with FCP7 because the new policy of Apple.

Perfect timing for this question because you can make the decision and save a ton of money if you move before October 31, 2011. Here’s why.

Adobe PremierAdobe is offering Premier Pro CS5.5 for 50% off until 10/31/2011 to encourage people to switch from FCP7. That makes it just about $100 more than FCPX. For a program that offers as much as Premier that is too good to pass up. I just took them up on their offer and suggest you consider doing the same.

Reason Why #1

FCPX is not compatible with previous versions of FCP. If you have projects that will have new segments you’d have to start over. Premier Pro can import and export XML edit lists so you can bring all your cuts and some effects from any FCP project into Premier.

I have lots of clients who add a new testimonial or product video to an existing series. I don’t want to start over and Premier will let me keep most of my work.

Reason Why #2

Premier Pro edits DSLR footage native in the timeline with no rendering required. This alone will save hours and tons of hard drive space. FCPX renders DSLR footage in the background which does save time but you’re still consuming lots of hard drive space for converting everything to ProRes.

Reason Why #3

As much as Apple holds that DVD’s are a dying media, the rest of the world keeps burning DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s like crazy. Premier Pro includes Adobe Encore so you can author SD and HD DVD’s. FCPX can burn a project to DVD but there is no menu authoring or DVD flow structuring. Many of my clients like to mail DVD’s to prospects and I need solid authoring tools.

Reason Why #4

Adobe is committed to supplying professionals with the tools to do superior work. Premier Pro interfaces with key Adobe apps like After Effects and Photoshop. Apple has walked away from the professional video market. It may make sense to them from a business perspective but it does not make sense to me for my business. I need to know that my investment will last long enough to gain significant return.

I’m grateful for all the good years I’ve enjoyed FCP and disappointed that Apple has left the party. I’m excited to make the move to Adobe Premier. There’s nothing like learning a new tool to spark your creativity!

Here’s a link to Adobe’s page for Premier Pro CS5.5. Or, if you want to make a big jump, get the same 50% off on Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium. I chose to go with the Premium package to get After Effects and Audition – it’s time to find out what those can do for my projects.

Let me know what you think…

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