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Final Cut Pro X – Is It Right For You?

Here’s the best overview and tutorial I’ve seen yet on Final Cut Pro X.

It’s over at Ken Stone’s blog and covers everything you need to know about this amazing update.

The big question is… do you need to get it right now?

If you’re editing projects regularly with the old Final Cut Pro you can’t import them into the new version. And you can’t export projects from FCP X to the previous version.

That means you’ll need to make a fresh start for projects that you’re sure can be completed in FCP X.

You also can’t do ’round trips’ between any of the apps bundled in the old version of Final Cut. If that’s part of your workflow this is not the time to make the switch.

But, if you’re just getting into DSLR video you’re going to love FCP X!

Bringing all kinds of footage into the editor is easy and simple. That’s the theme for everything here – easy and simple.

This tool will bring the power of high end video editing to millions of people. Just not the professionals who already use the suite of tools in the old Final Cut Pro.

Will I use it?

Yes, I’ll test it out on projects that make sense for this tool. And, from what I can tell, there are things here that may make it my first choice for future projects. Especially when some of the 3rd party vendors get their plugins ported to the new system.

Check out the overview and tutorial. The download a copy and let me know what you think.

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