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An Affordable Lavalier?

A reader asked:

I am looking for a fair affordable lavalier for personal work before I start into commercial work. What is a sweet spot for good quality product for a good price? I am planning on buying the Zoom H2 and would just like your opinion and a few options from a Pro such as yourself. Thank. Samuel W.

Audio Technica 3350 Omnidirectional Lavalier
My answer:

First, here’s a link to a post I wrote about a low cost audio kit for DSLR video – Complete DSLR Audio Kit for Less Than $450?

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Someone just asked…

What do you think about the decision from Apple to stop upgrading Color and the new relase of FCPX.
I’ve been working the past two years on FCP7 and just recently I started learning how to use Apple Color and the Technicolor cinestyle display LUT, but I’m worried that this program could become obsolete along with FCP7 because the new policy of Apple.

Perfect timing for this question because you can make the decision and save a ton of money if you move before October 31, 2011. Here’s why.

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Interesting article from a photographer who moved into video shooting with a DSLR.

DSLR News Shooter | Why did I give up my Canon 7D for the Sony FS100?.


Google + Invitations

Google PlusI’ve been using Google + for a few weeks now and it’s a great social network. The comments, questions and interactions are superb.

They just gave everyone 150 invitations to hand out and I’m including a link to mine here on this blog.

If you’re on G+ already, here’s a link to my profile – gplus.to/adrielbrunson

If you’d like to be included in my DSLR HD circle, leave a comment below with your profile link or send a message using my profile.

If you’re not on Google + yet, here’s an invitation link – http://goo.gl/ikI4v

There are only 150 invites for that link so do it now.

See you there!



Alzo DSLR Transformer Rig

What happens when you add a Zoom recorder and a shotgun mic to your DSLR rig?

You’re going to need something to hold all that gear securely.

That’s where the Alzo DSLR Transformer rig becomes an invaluable part of your kit. Here’s a short video showing how this works.

And, as I said in the video, the Alzo DSLR Transformer rig does double-duty. Besides holding all your kit, those handles produce a much more stable image when you’re shooting handheld. For the price, I think this is the best rig like this on the market.

PS – yes, I’m an affiliate of Alzo products. Hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do.


Here’s a great review of these two cameras.


Nikon D5100 vs Canon T3i

Head-To-Head Review: Canon T3i Vs. Nikon D5100 | TechCrunch.

I’ve loved both Nikon and Canon for different reasons. These two cameras are closely enough matched so that you can make the choice based on your existing lenses or because you’re more familiar with one or the other.

Let me know what you think…

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FCP7 vs FCPX – Deathmatch!

Thinking about moving into Final Cut Pro X? Not sure yet?

Watch this video where two guys take the same footage, load it into FCP7 and FCPX, then race to see who can get the final edit uploaded to Vimeo first.

Clearhead // FCP7 vs FCPX Deathmatch! from Clearhead on Vimeo.

I’m still running on FCP7 because all my projects are there and can’t be imported into FCPX. But the next new project is when I’ll take the plunge.

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating. If you are deep into FCP7 you’re not going to be happy with this update. But if you’re just getting into DSLR video and want a powerful tool set at a great price then this might be the one for you.

Here’s a link to their site with more information – clearheadmedia.com/​blog/​news/​fcp-x-initial-thoughts/​


If you’re into shooting video with a DSLR camera, it’s likely that you have a dream of making a movie. Even if it’s just a short film, most people I know would love to have an entry running in the local film festival. And, from there, who knows how far you’ll go?

But you have to get started. And Jason Brubaker has put together an awesome downloadable guide about the Modern Movie Making Movement.

It’s free, just click on the link above to download the zip file. [click to continue…]


Solid tutorial on syncing audio from a Zoom with footage from a DSLR in FCP X.

Seems easy enough, give this a try and let me know what you think.

How to Sync DSLR Footage with Final Cut Pro X on Vimeo on Vimeo

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Here’s the best overview and tutorial I’ve seen yet on Final Cut Pro X.

It’s over at Ken Stone’s blog and covers everything you need to know about this amazing update.

The big question is… do you need to get it right now?

If you’re editing projects regularly with the old Final Cut Pro you can’t import them into the new version. And you can’t export projects from FCP X to the previous version.

That means you’ll need to make a fresh start for projects that you’re sure can be completed in FCP X.

You also can’t do ’round trips’ between any of the apps bundled in the old version of Final Cut. If that’s part of your workflow this is not the time to make the switch.

But, if you’re just getting into DSLR video you’re going to love FCP X!

Bringing all kinds of footage into the editor is easy and simple. That’s the theme for everything here – easy and simple.

This tool will bring the power of high end video editing to millions of people. Just not the professionals who already use the suite of tools in the old Final Cut Pro.

Will I use it?

Yes, I’ll test it out on projects that make sense for this tool. And, from what I can tell, there are things here that may make it my first choice for future projects. Especially when some of the 3rd party vendors get their plugins ported to the new system.

Check out the overview and tutorial. The download a copy and let me know what you think.