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The Manfrotto 701HDV tripod and fluid head is a dependable camera support system made for light-weight cameras. I’ve used larger, heavier tripods of all kinds and I’ve never felt anything as perfect for a DSLR.

The fluid head is extremely smooth so you can pan or tilt nice and slow with no jerky movement. Even a beginner can get great shots with this tripod. I bought one of these as a B camera setup and liked it so much it’s now what I use for my A camera.

I like the mid-level spreader as it won’t get in the way when you’re working outside. This is a complete kit and includes the carrying case. Plus the whole rig only weighs 11 pounds so it’s easy to carry.

Pros: made for cameras like Canon DSLRs, goes from 35″ to 60″
Cons: none

The Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Video Monopod with Fluid Head is my secret weapon for shooting on location when I need to move around a lot.

You may still want to get a SteadiCam type rig or work with the camera on your shoulder. But I prefer the stability of a monopod sitting under the camera.

And this monopod comes with a head that has a fluid feel to it for tilting. The foot has a fluid-feel ball joint that allows you to pan the camera fairly smoothly.

Collapse all the sections and the weight of the monopod will provide decent stability if you do want to operate hand-held.

I always have this in my kit.

Pros: affordable, stable, fluid moves, easy to carry
Cons: none

The ALZO Transformer DSLR Rig & Handle Kit is one of the most useful accessories for camera and kit support I’ve seen. Here’s a blog post of mine reviewing the rig so you can see what I like about it.

It’s very affordable, easy to put together and very sturdy. It holds a ton of gear and still has plenty of room. I like that the battery door is still accessible even when the camera is mounted.

If you do want to shoot handheld the side and top handles will smooth out the moves a lot. All in all, there’s a lot to like and the price is right.

Pros: solid, affordable support for all your gear plus it improves handheld shots
Cons: none

The GlideTrack is a beautiful way to get stable moving shots with your DSLR. I have a short and long track and both work well. The long track works best with a tripod on each end rather than in the middle. I have a fluid head mounted on the track and the weight of it can cause the track to bow enough to drag a bit. The short track never has that issue.

There are other track systems on the market but nothing with this much performance for the cost. The link is to their newest system that can also be used as a shoulder mount. I haven’t tried it but it looks like it would increase your shooting options without adding another piece of equipment to carry.

Pros: easy to get great smooth tracking shots
Cons: long tracks need a second tripod for support