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Check out the equipment on this page or click on the links for other equipment categories. Please leave your questions and comments!

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The Alzo DSLR Transformer Rig is the best way to hold all your kit while shooting video with a DSLR. Plus it gives you secure handles that make your handheld shots a lot better.

I have the Alzo DSLR Transformer Rig and it’s a life saver. The picture shows the rig loaded with an external monitor, Zoom recorder, Rode shotgun mic, and Sennheiser wireless receiver. All held safely and securely with easy access.

There’s a cutout on the bottom of the DSLR Transformer rig so you can change the battery without removing your camera. It’s solid and affordable. Best thing for the money in my book.

Click here for my video review

Pros: holds all your kit on the tripod, makes your handheld shots more stable
Cons: none, this is a great addition to your rig

The Hoodman Cinema Kit Hoodloupe 3.0includes the Hoodloupe and the HoodEye 3.0 eye cup.

If you’re shooting outside with a DSLR you will need some way to block the sun from the LCD. Unless you have a good external monitor you’ll also benefit from some magnification of the LCD to accurately set focus. This affordable kit will do both and it has a diopter to match your corrective requirements for use without wearing glasses.

I have the Hoodman 3.0 and it works great except for one thing. The straps that come with it to attach to the camera are clunky and not that stable. When I picked up the Redrock MicroFinder Loupe Accessory Kit that solved the issue.

There are more expensive loupes on the market and, to my eye, the Hoodman is almost as good for less than half the money.

Pros: diopter for poor vision correction, blocks sunlight and magnifies the image for focus
Cons: requires extra adapter for secure mounting, not easy or quick to remove

Zacuto Z-Finder Loupes are a step up from the Hoodman in cost and build quality. They offer the Z-Finder Jr., the Z-Finder Pro 2.5x and the Z-Finder Pro 3x.The 2.5x and 3x refer to the magnification the loupe provides for the LCD viewfinder on a DSLR. The Z-Finder Jr. has 2.5x magnification but does not have a diopter. The Pro models have a diopter plus an Anti-fog coating and come with a mounting plate and frame.

Zacuto is known for top level professional tools and their loupes are well-built and perfectly suited for the job.

Pros: made for DSLR 3″ LCD screens, sturdy, large 40mm lens
Cons: expensive, sometimes not in stock

The ikan V8000HDMI 8″ LCD monitor can be found on many rigs as a standard external monitor for DSLR video.Unlike most smaller monitors, it offers full 1080i and 720p modes. It has a variety of input types including HDMI. This monitor is usually mounted directly to a cage or on an arm for easier adjustment. You will likely need a monitor hood for viewing outside in bright sunlight.

There are numerous smaller monitors that are not 720p. And there are monitors that offer a variety of adjustments, set up features, advanced inputs and other professional requirements at higher cost. This monitor can be relied upon and delivers at a reasonable cost.

Pros: Battery operated using standard camera batteries, reliable monitor
Cons: does not have professional monitor adjustments like blue-screen only

Genus Matte Boxes are low cost solutions for DSLR video. Your camera will immediately look like a pro camera with the addition of a matte box but, more importantly, you’ll be able to use the features of a matte box to shoot better video.

The french flag attached to the top of the matte box provides signifiant shade from the sun and lighting fixtures. This matte box can accept two 4″ filters, one can be rotated 360 degrees.

Using 4″ filters allows you to access an almost unlimited variety of ways to improve shots and you no longer need to match the size of the filter to the lens.This matte box will mount directly to the lens. If you are using a follow focus with rails you can mount it to the rails with an adapter.

Pros: better light protection, upscale image for your equipment, access to 4″ filters
Cons: filters, rails, etc. not included

Redrock Micro has established itself as a solid provider of professional support equipment for DSLR video. Their Cinema Bundle includes a geared follow-focus, swing-away matte box and all the rod and support equipment needed for a tripod mounted DSLR rig.

A follow focus mounted to rails under the camera is necessary for accurate focus shifts while shooting. This is a standard cinematic effect made possible by the shallow depth of field possible with DSLR video.While a rig like this may be too much for the amateur film maker, it’s a necessity work a working pro.

Pros: swing-away matte box for easy lens change, cage for accessory mounting, solid handle for low shots, reliable follow-focus
Cons: gears for the lenses are not included

G-Technology G-Speed eSATA RAID has been part of my system for three years and has never failed. It has the speed to deliver multiple streams of HD video to Final Cut. The redundant nature of the RAID drives means you’re precious video data is secure. And the eSATA connection is fast and reliable for data transfer.

I have 2Tb of storage inside the computer and use lots of cheap 1Tb drives for archive and backup. But my working drive is a 4TB G-tech.

Pros: reliable, redundant protection with fast eSATA speed for data transfer
Cons: not cheap (but not as costly as all the other drives that have failed since I bought the G-Tech)