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Check out the equipment on this page or click on the links for other equipment categories. Please leave your questions and comments!

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The Canon T2i is the lowest priced camera in the Canon DSLR line that shoots full 1920x1080p full HD video. The quality matches the Canon 7D and, in the right hands, comes close to the quality of the 5D. APS-C sized sensor produces a 1.6x telephoto effect to lenses.



Pros: inexpensive, great video, best view finder of the Canon series

Cons: limited features, not as sturdy as the 7D or 5D

The Canon T3i is the my choice for DSLR video at the entry level and beyond. The quality matches the Canon 7D and functions such as full manual control of the audio, swivel LCD screen and better heat handling make it a better choice than the T2i for not much more cost.



Pros: manual audio control, high quality video, best view finder of the Canon series for shooting video

Cons: limited ISO options compared to the 7D or 5D

The Panasonic GH2is my choice for mid-level priced DSLR video cameras. But check this blog post comparing the GH2 to the Canon 60D and you'll see why it may the camera of choice for anyone getting into DSLR video.



Pros: high bandwidth/lower compression than Canon DSLR, full manual control of everything

Cons: smaller selection of lenses unless you pick up an adapter then you'll need full manual lenses

The Canon 5Dhas a full sized sensor. That gives this camera superior still images and very low light capabilities for video. Firmware upgrades from Canon now allow more options for shooting video but not as many as the 7D offers in terms of frame rate.



Pros: excellent still camera, superior HD video, full size sensor makes the most of wide angle lenses

Cons: higher cost, fewer frame rate options for shooting video