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DSLR HD Color Correction – Shoot It Right?

The general buzz around custom presets for your DSLR camera is to go flat or even super-flat to increase the range for color correction in post. Shane Hurlbut took the approach of setting up his Canon 5D to capture images as close to the finished look as possible.

As Shane was shooting the Terminator webisodes to be released in the week before the release of “Terminator:Salvation” there was an established look that he needed to match. He went through a learning process to get his 5D to match the feature film look.

When he got to post production, he discovered that footage from a Canon 5D must be treated a bit differently. His post has lots of details of the process and, from my read of it, makes the case for shooting as flat as possible to give yourself as much room in post as possible. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

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