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HD Video Shoot-out – Canon T2i vs 7D

The release of the Canon Rebel T2i brings a high quality, inexpensive tool for independent film makers to the Canon DSLR camera lineup. At less than $800 for the camera body, it’s half the cost of a Canon 7D and seems to shoot HD video at the same quality.

The question is… how does the T2i compare to the 7D in the real world? Here’s a video that will give you a decent idea of how these two cameras compare.

You may find the whole video interesting with the unboxing and comparisons of buttons, dials and form factors. The actual video quality comparison starts around 13:00.

7D vs. T2i Comparison Video from Orange Wedding Films on Vimeo.

To my eye, there’s not much difference in the quality of the video. There are obvious differences in the form factor of the camera and those may be important enough to make the decision for you.

Some people will love the light weight of the T2i for hand held work, others will find it’s too light to hold steadily. My experience is that the actual weight of the camera is not what counts, it’s the balance of the weight. That’s why I sometimes shoot handheld with the camera on a collapsed monopod. The 20″ of tubing hanging below the camera provides a counterbalance to the lens and body. It also gives me a more solid handle and I find I’m more stable when that handle is vertical rather than horizontal.

But the bottom line is that the Canon T2i is a lot of camera for the money. It reminds me of the Nikon D90 in that way. Except it shoots much better video than the D90 and has full manual control of all camera settings. No fancy tricks required to try to get a repeatable shot.

Here’s a link in case you want to read the entire blog post from JJ, the guy who shot this video.


As JJ says…

I will cut to the point. The Canon EOS T2i is 1/2 of price of a 7D and shoots HD video, just like 7D.

If you plan to take a lot of still pictures with your camera you may find the differences between the T2i and 7D may be important to you. From what I can tell, you can take some amazing photos with the T2i. Like most things, it’s more about your creative abilities and the lenses you choose rather than the subtle differences in cameras.

For my money, this is a great camera for any film maker wanting to create HD video with a DSLR.

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